About From the Heart of Dallas

Who We Are

From the Heart Church Ministries of Dallas is a non-denominational church that is part of From the Heart Church Ministries Worldwide™; a ministry that has been given a mandate by our Founding Episcopal Pastor Dr. John A. Cherry to be at the forefront of the reformation of the Church. From the Heart of Dallas is a church of togetherness where we want to manifest the common goal by having all things common according to Acts 2:44. Having a common attitude, common fellowship, common activities, and a common doctrine we are able to manifest our oneness.

Under the leadership of our Episcopal Pastor, Bishop John A. Cherry II, From the Heart has been mandated to “Prepare the Church for the Next Move of God” with an emphasis of salvation, restoration, and establishing the church to ensure generational success. Together we will manifest this common goal.

What Makes Us From the Heart
Our Vision

The vision is our original instructions from God. From the Heart Church Ministries, Inc.® is called to be a Philippian church and our vision is to:

Love God
Hate Sin
Love to Give
Our Plan
The Plan is how we plan to accomplish the vision.
The plan of From the Heart is to:
Preach the Gospel
Build the Infrastructure
Reform the Church
Our Motivation
The motivation is why we are carrying out the plan. The general motivation of From the Heart is LOVE. Everything we do is motivated out of the fact that God has called us as Christians, to love one another. Our motivation causes us to:

Seek and Save the Lost
Destroy the works of the devil
Leave a Deposit for the Next Generation