Our Church History

From the Heart Church Ministries of Dallas came into existence as a result of The Reformation Teachings of Dr. John A. Cherry, our Founding Episcopal Pastor. In the Dallas area, Christians began to respond to the teachings that the church needed to be reformed. As a result, some left their former churches out of their desire to receive the uncompromising Word of God, and a desire to reform the church.

On April 25, 2004, Pastor Darrell Hymes was appointed by the Episcopal Pastor as the pastor of the Dallas church. The following Sunday, May 2, 2004, the Dallas church had its first official service and on Sunday, June 7, 2009, we held our first service at our newly purchased church building.  This newly purchased location also included a two-story educational building.

From the Heart Church Ministries of Dallas is a“Church of Togetherness,” and we are growing in the grace, knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Since its inception, we have added 10 Service and Perfecting ministries, that have enabled us to carry out God’s plan for the local church, and we are steadily growing in membership. Our desire is that people will know, experience and share the love of Jesus Christ to all they come in contact with, and we believe we must do it together (in oneness) as a local church.

To God Be the Glory for the Things He Has Done!